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Proximity Group Delivers Unsurpassed Value

Proximity Group™ is a customer-centric, family-owned, U.S.-based online retailer and manufacturer dedicated to providing a 5-star-rated shopping experience through unsurpassed value, convenience, and selection. We value integrity, craftsmanship, beauty, design, loyalty, straightforward communication, and service.

Unmatched Powersport Axles and Brake Pads

From our humble beginnings selling powersport parts out of a storage unit under the Sixity Powersports® brand, we revolutionized the powersport industry by selling our ATV axles, motorcycle/ATV brake pads, and wheel spacers at unbeatable prices on eBay, Amazon, and

Expanding to Top Brand Auto Parts and Quality Wedding Decorations

After carving out a space in the powersport marketplace and expanding into third-party brands like Gates, NGK, and Dayco, we turned our sights to the automotive aftermarket with Sixity Auto Parts® and to wedding decorations and accessories sold on Sparkles Make It Special™.

Served 2 Million+ Customers

From manufacturing and delivering powersport and automotive parts to offering beautiful wedding and event supplies all available on Amazon, eBay, and our online storefronts, we bring a broad selection of high-quality goods to the marketplace so that our customers can always shop with confidence. And our commitment to our customers shows: we have served over 2 million customers.

The Team!

We are a hardworking and dedicated team of product engineers and designers, web programmers, sales and marketing experts, and customer service staff who are passionate about delivering great quality and value across a range of product categories—all at great prices with free shipping across the U.S. We are based outside of Sacramento, California, with operations in both California and Indiana.

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